Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s Chocolate Stout

by Jesse York on February 4, 2011 · 0 comments

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For all you lucky readers who got home brewing kits over the holidays, your first batch of beer is probably just about done. Fill that carboy back up with this month’s special brew from our buddies at Lost Art Home Brewing Supply: Cupid’s Chocolate Stout.

Taking its name from specialty malts roasted to the point where they take on chocolatey aromas and flavors, this dark brew may seem foreboding. Looks can be deceiving though, and one shouldn’t judge a beer on them alone. Trust cupid. Underneath this beer’s stout veneer you’ll find a complex, medium-bodied ale that finishes dry with bitter roasted flavors and subtle chocolate notes that persist throughout.

This is a great kit for beginners and advanced brewers alike. It’s the next step up from pure extract brewing; you are given several specialty grains that are steeped in the brew kettle before the extract is added. This extra step provides additional layers and complexities in the final product.

As always, Greg from Lost Art is happy to take any home brewing questions in the comments section.

The wonderful brew equipment kit that we mentioned last month is also still available. Both of these make for great Valentine’s Day gifts and brewing is best done with a partner, as is consumption of the home brew. Get you and your loved one the goods here:

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