New Jersey Brewery Temporarily Shut Down

by Tom MacGowan on February 10, 2011 · 7 comments

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Source: Times of Trenton

River Horse Brewery, hailing from Lambertville, NJ has been temporarily shut down according to The shut down is due to melting snow and ice on the roof.  Brewery workers first noticed a depression in the roof Monday afternoon.  The weight of the water is causing the roof to sink and was declared by city officials on Tuesday to be unsafe.  The building has been caution taped and shut down till the problem can be fixed.

This is a major bummer!  Messing with our beer!  That’ s it; this winter has taken it to far!  River Horse makes great beers such as Tripel Horse, a 10% sweet Belgian Tripel, and Oatmeal Milk Stout, and the Hop Hazard Pale Ale.

Edited: Removed mention of Flying Fish Exit Series.

No word on when the brewery will re-open.  Fireman were able to place supports to prevent further damage, so at least that’s some good news.  Stay posted for news and updates on this disappointing turn of events.

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  • Mike @ NJ Craft Beer

    Flying Fish puts out the Exit Series, not River Horse

  • Spud07

    The EXIT series beers are from Flying Fish, not River Horse…

  • Andrew Henderson

    Thanks, guys. I made the edit. An oversight on Tom’s part.

  • Andrew Henderson

    If we mess something up, definitely tell us. We like it when our readers call us out :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks guys, my bad, stupid mistake…Haven’t had the Exit 13 Chocolate Stout yet…Any good?

  • Xjerryskidx

    geez tom

  • Xjerryskidx

    jk tom, love your articles

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