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by Tom MacGowan on October 20, 2010 · 2 comments

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Full Sail Brewing CompanyIn their October 19th press release, Full Sail Brewing Company announced they will soon distribute to the north eastern United States. Full Sail will now be available in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island , and New Hampshire. Full Sail will be working in partnership with L. Knife and Son Companies, who were voted by Beverage World’s Beverage Wholesaler of the Year, so you can bet they will be getting their beers on the shelf and in bars near you.

A statement from Full Sail Founder and CEO, Irene Firmat expresses their excitement for the expansion east:

“We are very proud to enter the northeast markets with such a strong distributor partner. L. Knife has had a long-term commitment to craft beer and has a deep understanding of how to go to market with our beers. We are excited about bringing our world-class beers to such discerning customers, and as a native New Yorker, I am thrilled that after 23 years Full Sail will finally be available in these markets.”

The brewery hails from Hood River, Oregon, which probably sounds familiar to any of you Extreme Sports due to the area’s colossal kite and wind surfing reputation – one of the most bad ass in the world. This area is also well-known in the beer world for its homegrown hops which are used in beers across the country. So Full Sail is putting a fresh kick of these hops into each and every one of their brews.

Their most popular lines right now are the Full Sail Amber, IPA, LTD, Session Premium Lager, and Session Black Premium Lager.

So today, since a salesman from Hunterdon Distributors brought by some samples of Full Sail, I will be doing a tasting of two of their beers. He dropped off the Black Session Lager, the Amber, and the IPA. Very excited to taste. Let’s get to it.

Full Sail Black LagerI am going to start off with the Black Lager because although it is darker, Lagers tend to have a lighter body and a less intense hoppy bitter taste. The pour is very nice, it has a nice dark black color with a tan, medium lasting head. Drinks wonderfully, made just like I feel a Black Lager should. It is hard to find a good Black Lager, so I am not typically a huge fan, but this one does actually have a nice hop subtlety that works fantastically with the creamy yet roasty flavors. Smooth but not watery at all. Has notes of chocolate, caramel, and light oats. I really enjoy this beer and highly recommend this one. 5.4 ABV.

Next up the Amber. Nice American Amber, medium to dark Amber body. Very nice full head. Mostly malts in the nose, but has a slightly earth hop aroma. Taste is very inviting with mostly sweet malts and a dash of dry hoppiness. Also brown sugar and light raison fruity sweetness. Has had a distinct bready biscuit like flavor to it, which is quite nice. A very well done American Amber, would make for a great six-pack. Recommend you try it. 5.5 ABV.

Last up, the IPA. Pours a nice orangish gold body, with not much of a head to speak of. A very standard English IPA, but with more citrus than most of its style. Maybe it’s because I can never really get into most English IPA, although this one does have a lot of the citrus which love. It has an almost coppery undertone which I am not digging. Slightly watery, a good session IPA, but does not blow me away. 6.0 ABV

Judging on what I have tasted tonight I am looking forward to getting more Full Sail in the northeast. I am extremely excited to see what their bigger more aggressive beers are like. Hopefully the standard six packs will do well enough for us to get a taste of the rest. So when you see Full Sail on the shelf or on tap, do yourself a favor and give it a try.

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  • Jy1210

    Exactly where can we get full sail beer in new england (CT, RI, NH, VT,ME)?

  • Full Sail Brewing

    Hi Jy1210 – Our distributor has a beer finder on their website. Here is the link to our Amber – just click “find this beer” button in the upper right corner and enter your zip code and it will give you a list of places that carry our godlike nectar. Cheers from the Full Sail Crew!

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